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Zapp Automation and our new range of CNC Mill / Router machine and Kits

Discussion in 'News' started by 3dprintforums, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. 3dprintforums

    3dprintforums Apprentice

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    New Jersey
    As you know we have not sold machines or machine kits, and this is because we felt what was available on the market was not to a standard that we could offer to our customers. Because of this we have decided to make our own machines here in Poole (UK), using the parts we sell and a lot of you are familiar with.
    We have started with one machine, but made it quite modular so to let us expand the range as an when we can and this machine should sit in a size bracket that should appeal to most people looking for what we woudl call a desktop sized machine.
    The first machine we have called the 10060, i know its not a catchy name, but to be honest with you the name was not our biggest concern and may change when something more catchy comes to mind.

    I have seen a number of companies put details of their machines up on this forum and watched as they were ripped to shreds by some of the more knowledgeable people on here, so if you have any suggestion, please feel free to post them and i will consider them.

    This is an image of the machine as we are offering it at the moment, but this is the bare-bones option with a lot of other options available, like axis covers, hood, mist, cold-air cooling, flood, atc and so on.
  2. 3dprintforums

    3dprintforums Apprentice

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    New Jersey
    What is different to other companies is we will be offering a number of option, so if you want you can buy the complete kit or just an axis and when you can afford another axis you can buy that. or you can buy all of the parts individually and build it in your own time.

    Initially you will only see the mechanical parts available (Plus the motors and limit/home sensors), but as we progress we will also offer the electrical control cabinets as well and this will be available when we have gone through CE testing.

    We have been using the first prototype for a few months now finding all the issues and fixing them and we now use the latest version to make most of the parts.

    Ok, so this is the specification.

    Model 10060
    Work areas X/Y/Z (mm) 600mm / 320mm* / 115mm (400mm without covers)
    Bench clamping area W × D (mm) 590mm x 1000mm
    Space under Gantry (mm) 124mm
    Machine Dimensions WxLxH (mm) 745mmx 1060mm x 600mm
    Linear rail types Precision grade profiled rails on all axis (20mm on X and 15mm on Y and Z)
    Processing speed X/Y/Z max. 800mm/min*
    Repeat accuracy (mm) ± 0,01*
    Drive motors Stepper motors, Closed Loop Stepper motors or AC Servo motors
    Drive elements X/Y/Z C5 Ballscrews or C3 Ground.
    Controller CSMIO Motion Controller working With Mach3 or Planet CNC or Eding CNC.
    Weight (kg) approx. 200 KG
    Software Needed Mach 3/4, PlanetCNC or Eding CNC
    * Depending on options selected


    Mist system or cold air gun options.
    Selection of spindle motors including ATC, Air cooled spindles and 80mm round.
    Tool height sensor
    Servo or stepper motor systems.
    C5 ballscrew as standard with options of C3.
    T-slot table for easy of clamping of workpieces.
    Vacuum bed.
    Concertina bellows for added protection.
    Available with or without hood.
  3. 3dprintforums

    3dprintforums Apprentice

    Blog Posts:
    New Jersey
    I know a lot of people like a long Z axis but we have decided to go for something that gives you about 115mm to keep the rigidity to the best we can, and i would also point out that over the months that we have used it, we have never needed anything more.

    The X axis has two ballscrews (R1610) and 20mm profiled rails, the Y axis has a single ballscrew and 15mm profiled rails and the Z axis has R1404 ballscrew and 15mm profiled rails.
    all of the ballscrews are C5 and the profiled rails are precision class. We also have concertina bellow covers for the Y and Z axis and are working on a cover system for X axis, but this axis is already quite protected because all of the linear motion parts are under the machine.

    To make way for us manufacturing these here, we are going to need to remove some products that we currently sell from our range and you will see these on our website on sale at the moment with up to 50% discount.

    One of the products that we are removing that may effect people here is our C7 range of ballscrews and in the future will only be stocking C5 or C3 ground up to 25mm diameter.

    For more information, you can visit our website or contact me.

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