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We Sell Direct

Discussion in 'News' started by cncguy, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. cncguy

    cncguy Administrator

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    Tucson AZ
    We sell direct for two reasons:
    Better Pricing
    Better Service

    Better Pricing

    For some reason the industry has followed the same old distribution pattern – make a product, sell it to manufacturer reps, sell it to distributors, sell it to the end user. The entire time every one of those middlemen are taking a little (or a lot) off the top. By the time the product gets into the hands of the user its price has been artificially inflated beyond its actual value. On the service side of things, the application knowledge of the product gets diminished each time it is handed down until you finally have an order taker at a distribution house trying to BS his way through application advice.

    I recently had a good conversation with a customer about this distribution model. They had a job that they had previously passed up on because it required a vacuum chuck for manufacturing. They had their eyes on a competing product and decided to make the purchase in order to complete the job. When they called up their local distributor they were shocked to find out that the manufacturer of the vacuum chuck had aligned themselves with a large manufacturer’s rep and that the price had risen by 80% overnight. The product didn’t get any better, and it was still purchased from the same local distributor, but the simple fact that a middleman was added caused the price to skyrocket. Irritated, the customer walked away and the sale was lost.

    Better Service

    A few months later the job came back around for quoting and by then we were in full production of our SmartVac II. Our price was unbeatable, but our detailed application support, something that a local distributor could not offer, sealed the deal. We were able to walk them though some very tricky workholding and get the job dialed in so their purchase paid for itself in a matter of weeks. Since then this customer has purchased several systems and regularly takes jobs that he had passed on in the past.

    Every time someone calls Pierson Workholding I will answer the phone 90% of the time. Some might ask, “Why is the president of the company answering phones?” Because that’s how I wish it was when I call other companies. Conventional business “wisdom” says when you’re successful you get to create more barriers between you and callers so that you’re not bothered. I’ve never considered speaking to a customer bothersome.

    Give us me a call. (800) 352-2894

    -Jay Pierson

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