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Upgrading Chinese CO2 Lasercutter

Discussion in 'General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine' started by workerbee, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. workerbee

    workerbee Newbie

    Blog Posts:
    I have a HX-laser 6090 lasercutter for two years now. It does it's work but I am still not happy about the consistency of the cutting/engraving quality. As I had to move the machine and it is now in many pieces(couldn't get it through a door..), it is the perfect moment to upgrade the machine!

    Things noticed:
    - Table is never level and it is hard to level it. The thread and nuts to move the Table up and down is of very poor quality. -> Change it to 4x glide axis and 2x proper threads with stepper motors to move up and down.

    - Putting the laser in exact focus(or halfway material) works not great. With stepper motor, single reference to 0 needed and then exact movement should be possible.

    - At high engraving speed, mirrors can loose alignment due to hard start and stop. New motion cardis needed to control in PID/sinusoidal style.

    - At high cutting speed, diagonal lines seem to "wobble". They are never straight. Wobble caused again by motion cardor something loose in machine?

    - I would like to regularly replace the last focal lens so I can switch between 34, 50 and 100mm. Laserhead should support this without having to crew off the whole head and having to realign(or readjust) the whole head. Does a head like this already exist?

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