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Speed Change Pallet System

Discussion in 'News' started by cncguy, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. cncguy

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    Tucson AZ

    We recently introduced the Speed Change Pallet System (SCPS) to our lineup of workholding products. The SCPS is a ground-up redesign of our best selling Pallet Retention System (PRS). At first glance you’ll notice a few obvious cosmetic changes but here is a quick list of the top 10 improvements:

    1. Wider Base – The best selling PRS Pallets were always the 8″ wide sizes. We’d sell them 10:1 over the 6″ sizes and 5:1 over the 10″ sizes. Naturally, we engineered the Base to use the more popular 8″ and 10″ pallets only.
    2. Cast Iron Core – Cast iron is a great material for workholding devices (tough, thermally stable, dampens vibration), but using it from tool to table is overkill (weight, corrosion exposure, higher cost of manufacturing). We kept all the benefits of cast iron and placed it in a….
    3. Hard-Anodized Aluminum Carrier – Aluminum machines faster, has lower tooling cost and requires fewer post machining operations than cast iron. All these benefits lead to lower cost that we pass on to you, the customer.
    4. All-Around Clamping – Previously, there were only two slots for clamping the Base to the table. We’ve added a step on all sides of the SCPS Base and are providing four toe clamps with bolts. This gives unlimited mounting options.
    5. Improved Chip Management – One silicone rubber face seal runs aroung the entire perimeter of the Base. Plus, rounded edges allows chips to easily wash away.
    6. Higher Holding Power – 3000 lbs of locking force holds pallets tight against the Base. This means vibrations from cutting are transferred from the pallet to the machine table which yields better part finsishes.
    7. Larger Alignment Pins – Larger, tougher pins means better performance over the long run. Plus, the pins are replaceable if they get damaged or corroded.
    8. Round Locking Mechanisms – Rectangle or round… what’s the difference? A circle takes up less area than a square. This means a pallet has more volume for fixtures.
    9. Better Pneumatic Seals – We’ve worked closely with the best seal suppliers and have completely overhauled the pneumatic mechanism of the Base. This provides a lifetime of zero-maintenance performance.
    10. Lower Price – Redesigning the system for better performance wasn’t our only goal. We were able to refine the manufacturing process to reduce the overall cost of the system. The SCPS Starter Package is now only $1995.00!

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