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Speed Change Pallet System

Discussion in 'News' started by cncguy, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. cncguy

    cncguy Administrator

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    Tucson AZ
    We recently introduced the Speed Change Pallet System (SCPS) to our lineup of workholding products. The SCPS is a ground-up redesign of our best selling Pallet Retention System (PRS). At first glance you’ll notice a few obvious cosmetic changes but here is a quick list of the top 10 improvements:

    1. Wider Base – The best selling PRS Pallets were always the 8″ wide sizes. We’d sell them 10:1 over the 6″ sizes and 5:1 over the 10″ sizes. Naturally, we engineered the Base to use the more popular 8″ and 10″ pallets only.
    2. Cast Iron Core – Cast iron is a great material for workholding devices (tough, thermally stable, dampens vibration), but using it from tool to table is overkill (weight, corrosion exposure, higher Read the rest of this entry »

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