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my jgro

Discussion in 'Machine Building Projects' started by workerbee, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. workerbee

    workerbee Newbie

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    hello everyone om kinda new here ind im trying to build the jgro its kinda hard when u dont know anything about decimals so i think the mesurments are kinda off [​IMG]im looking for bearings and aluminum angle iron....not really that many places around here that sell bearings cept sporting good stores but we dont have any close to me....saw some on ebaybut i dont know if those are any good? ohh what type of motors do i need? my brother wants me to cut stuff outta aluminum for him dont know if the machine can do that? all i've seen it cut is wood but i just want it to make pcb boards....well this is what i have so far took some pictures with my phone hope there clear [​IMG] ok i think my pictures were added we'll see when i post this [​IMG]

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