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Cam Tool trouble ZW3d

Discussion in 'ZW3D CAM' started by 3dprintforums, Jul 23, 2016.

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    New Jersey
    I've bought ZW3D 3X machining a few days ago and I'm trying to learn myself the CAM part. We have a few Cnc routers for woodwork and want to use ZW3D for faster workflow.

    I'm having trouble understanding the tool library. When I make a library and ad a few tools with their size, RPM feedspeed and depth of cut etc you would think that these values will be used when assigning tools to cutting operations.

    For some reason the diameter is fine, when i make a 8 mm routerbit it stays 8 mm but the RPM and feedspeed is altered.

    How do I link feedspeed and RPM to a specific tool so that when I select the tool all the parameters are used for the cutting operation?

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