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Trunnion Table Helps VMC Fill Utility Role for Shop 2015-11-18

Trunnion Table Helps VMC Fill Utility Role for Shop

  1. cncguy
    Learn how a trunnion table brought horizontal versatility to a vertical machining center for custom pump production at Vertiflo Pump.

    A machine tool’s versatility is a valuable asset for specialty machine shops. One option to improve upon a machine’s capabilities is to add a trunnion table. When industrial pump specialist Vertiflo Pump Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio, purchased a new vertical machining center, it used a trunnion table from TrunnionTable.com (Elsmere, Kentucky) on the machine’s fourth axis to handle parts previously machined on a horizontal.

    “Purchasing the vertical machine with the trunnion table saved us between $50,000 and $60,000 on new machine costs alone,” says Phil Eldridge, operations manager at Vertiflo. “On top of that, we’ve cut per-part cycle times in half while freeing our operators to handle more than one machine.”

    Vertiflo Pump Co., a privately owned company, has served the industrial pump market since 1980. Its namesake vertical, horizontal and self-priming pumps are used in a variety of process control applications for everything from agriculture to wastewater treatment. The company manufactures, assembles and ships hundreds of pumps every month, ready to pipe up. Pumps are primarily made of cast iron and 316 stainless steel, and the verticals range from 2- to 25-feet long and weigh as much as 3,000 pounds. The castings are sourced from domestic foundries to help shorten delivery times.

    “Every order is considered custom,” Mr. Eldridge says. “Typically, the variables include conditions of service, materials, pump length and size, drivers, plates, and discharge sizes. There are a lot of common parts, but each pump has custom aspects based on the application.”