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Kurt Workholding Announces New Enhancements To Their Online Store 2015-11-18

Kurt Workholding

  1. cncguy
    Kurt Workholding has announced the launch of its newly expanded and enhanced website. The site now makes evaluating customer’s workholding needs easier and purchasing from their web store faster, with the following new sections:

    • Solution Finder – Allows customers to input the specifications they need for an application, and the website now automatically generates a list of recommended products. Solution Finder
    • Monthly Specials – Section lists featured Kurt products at discounted prices. Monthly Specials
    • Scratch and Dent – Section offers fully functional factory products with cosmetic flaws and returned products at reduced prices. Scratch and Dent
    • Express Ordering – Reduces ordering time for returning customers with small or large orders. Customers that already know the products they would like to purchase can input the item number and quantity, and immediately place the order of single and multiple items from one screen. Express Ordering
    In addition to the enhanced web store, the Kurt site now offers 2D and 3D product viewing with downloads available for all precision vise models,