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BIG KAISER Introduces Speroni MAGIS Benchtop Tool Presetter with Full CNC Capability 2015-11-18

BIG KAISER Introduces Speroni MAGIS Benchtop Tool

  1. cncguy
    Hoffman Estates, IL – The Speroni MAGIS benchtop tool presetter is now available in a CNC version for operator-independent measuring results. Latest-generation electronics and motors allow for fast movement and repeatable positioning of the X and Z axes and spindle, delivering full CNC measuring with uncertainty of the two linear axes of +/- 1 µm. With the MAGIS CNC, users can automatically execute measuring cycles, adding speed and precision to what’s already one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use vision system tool presetters on the market.

    The included Speroni original workbench provides an enclosed, yet ventilated, storage area with a lockable door to prevent any tampering with your presetter PC. Additional bench features include molded pockets for inserts and screws, storage for various wrenches, and holders for multiple reduction sleeves and other accessories.

    Standard features like thermally-stable pearlitic class 40 cast iron construction, a tool management database storing data for unlimited tool assemblies, 270-degree access to the tools while in the spindle and sub-pixel and sub-micron resolution all support unmatched accuracy and repetitive positioning and assembly. The MAGIS series is also the only bench-top presetter in the world available with an optional built-in Retention Knob Clamping, which provides a strong and repeatable seating in the spindle, mimicking that of the machine tool.