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5 Axis Trunnions 2015-11-19

5 Axis Trunnions

  1. cncguy
    5 Axis Trunnion: Turn your (VMC) Vertical Machining Center into a 5 Axis Production Machine!

    [​IMG]KME CNC’s 5 axis platters are built right into a precision rigid meehanite cast iron trunnion frame and table. Trunnions are designed specifically for Vertical Machining Centers. Our standard models come with one, two, or three independent 5 axis platters on the trunnion table, giving your VMC full-range production capability. Custom 5-axis trunnions can be made to specific matching needs including different drive configuration, large or smaller sizes, less or more platters.

    Yes, just like the 5-axis tombstones, KME CNC’s trunnions are able to completely integrate with control systems. So you do not need to program the control box. Our units will work with direct g-code from your machine controls.

    KME CNC can design a trunnion for your application. Large or Small parts are not a problem! KME CNC’s trunnions have the lowest platter height in the industry, with 7.87” from table to platter, allowing maximum Z height clearance. KME CNC can also manufacture trunnions with 10” platters, depending on their specific needs.