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I've bought ZW3D 3X machining a few days ago and I'm trying to learn myself the CAM part. We have a few Cnc routers for woodwork and want to use ZW3D for faster workflow. I'm having trouble understanding the tool library. When I make a library and ad a few tools with their size, RPM feedspeed and depth of cut etc you would think that these values will be used when assigning tools to cutting operations. For some reason the diameter is fine, when i make a 8 mm routerbit it stays 8 mm but the RPM and feedspeed is altered. How do I link feedspeed and RPM to a specific tool so that when I select...
What laser are you using, any good brands to look for?
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As you know we have not sold machines or machine kits, and this is because we felt what was available on the market was not to a standard that we could offer to our customers. Because of this we have decided to make our own machines here in Poole (UK), using the parts we sell and a lot of you are familiar with. We have started with one machine, but made it quite modular so to let us expand the range as an when we can and this machine should sit in a size bracket that should appeal to most people looking for what we woudl call a desktop sized machine. The first machine we have called the 10060, i know its not a catchy name, but to be honest with you the name was not our biggest concern and may change when something more catchy comes to mind. I have seen a number of companies put details of their machines up on this forum and watched as they were ripped to shreds by some of the more knowledgeable people on here, so if you have any suggestion, please feel free to post them and i will consider them. This is an image of the machine as we are offering it at the moment, but this is the bare-bones option with a lot of other options available, like axis covers, hood, mist, cold-air cooling, flood, atc and so on. [​IMG]
The FR4 Machine Shield is one machine with many possibilities. The kit can be assembled to act as a shield, cape or hat to be used with an Arduino, BeagleBone, or Raspberry Pi. So far, we have tested the FR4 as a milling machine, a microscope, and a laser engraver. With it’s open source design, the possibilities are endless! After successfully delivering one hardware campaign, the team at Pocket NC is ready to do it again. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...machine-shield
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Will show some pics this weekend. Been busy trying to get the rig up for paint before rainy season kicks in. Will be using the bender for bumpers and an exo-cage. I can show images of what was changed out to allow the air over hydraulic to work as oem...
Ok, now this is a game-changer for industrial labeling. These small but powerful Portable Inkjet Markers gives users a convenient solution to mark almost any material quickly, even on curved surfaces. True Type fonts, as well as logos and symbols are all possible with this wireless handheld printer. The MB-EBS250 below is battery operated and [...] Continue reading...