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Needless to say, we love to highlight new and innovative products. The line of vises from Orange Vise Company fits our definition of a great product. Let’s face it, vises have been around for a long time and the technology is a bit simplistic, but Orange Vise takes function and design to a new level. [...] Continue reading...
The new TRT100 dual-axis rotary table from Haas Automation provides high-speed, accurate, 3+2 positioning and full 5-axis machining of small, complex parts. The unit’s compact size and light weight make the TRT100 the perfect dual-axis solution for small machining centers. Fast indexing speeds ensure short cycle times, and powerful brakes on both axes guarantee extreme accuracy. The TRT100 uses powerful brushless servomotors to provide 35 ft-lb of spindle torque on the tilt axis and 16 ft-lb on the rotary axis, with indexing speeds of 1000 deg/sec on both axes. The unit provides ±120 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation to position parts to almost any angle for machining. The precision-ground 100 mm platter features multiple bolt patterns and a precision through-bore for versatile fixturing, and will swing parts up to 8.4″ diameter. The maximum platter capacity is 15 lb for 3+2 machining, and 5 lb for 5-axis machining. A pair of user-configurable ports on the side of the TRT100 route air through the tilt axis to the rotary axis for operating pneumatic fixtures or other air-activated devices. At just 20″ wide and less than 13″ deep, the TRT100 easily fits into nearly any machining center, or can be mounted on one end of a larger machine’s table, freeing up the remainder for additional fixtures or vises. It is the perfect complement for Haas Automation’s high-speed DT-1 Drill/Tap Center and Super Speed VMCs. Like all Haas rotary tables, the TRT100 can easily be removed when not needed. http://www.cncreport.com/haas-trt100/
My father picked up a new stone at Home Depot, put on bench grinder, and fired up, no problem. Went to go use the grinder again to sharpen soap stone, and fucking thing exploded. My father was on the other disk, but had he had been in front of the one that let go, could have been seriously hurt. The only saving grace for both of us, is that the disintegrating wheel jammed against the drill bit sharpener pad, and jammed. Slightly cracked the housing of the grinder, but it still works. He's pissed, Home Depot will be getting an ear full tomorrow... hahahaha Funny thing is it was made in India. Does no one make a quality product anymore? Grinder rated at 3200 rpms and stone wheel rated at 4500... me thinks it was defective or had a crack not visible. Should have tapped the stone with a piece of steel to see what sound it made, but didn't think of doing it...
Had to use a scarfing tip today to cutoff the old shitty mounts I had made years ago. New ones came out nice. Quite a bit of grinding will have to be done on axle to remove old weld material. Will post pics next weekend...
So we are in the shop today doing a little fab work and all of a sudden the wire was not feeding, yes the spool had wire. Checked continuity of the trigger wires and nothing. Broken wires somewhere internally on the lead. So cut the wires on each end and wired in my own external wires and yes! all up and running. Saved me a trip to buy and MIG gun and lead.
Just started on a new enclosure for my mill I will post my progress. Going to use profiles for making travel cases.
Tell us what you made today, something unique to make work in the shop/home easier or something to sell. Show and tell time. I'll start, its a detent to modify an aftermarket transmission shifter to allow a tap shift option for the 6L80e trans. [​IMG]
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