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We review a lot of great products but this one has us scratching our heads… in a GOOD way. Fusion 360 is a fresh yet comprehensive approach to product development sure to give all CAD competitors a change of underwear. Users of Autodesk Inventor and HSM Works will find themselves in a familiar environment. Solidworks [...] Continue reading...
We first highlighted Amazon as a viable option for purchasing tooling and supplies your shop uses everyday. At that time, most major brands had products listed, but the traditional Amazon checkout process lacked when it came to business buying. That changes with the introduction of Amazon Business. Now purchasing through the largest online reseller just [...] Continue reading...
I have a 2 head router, with the following set-up- 1 stepper operating the pair of spindles 2 spindles operated with air on 2 relays using outputs I want to switch between the two head based on the tool number, so I would have to use outputs, can anyone help with this?
Hahahaha... will need to make some brackets this weekend. Yea, I'm an asshole, but have you seen how people drive??? I'll be driving like this... [​IMG] ...and the next thing you know, I'm like this... [​IMG] Maybe I should get one of these too.... hahahaha... probably not... [​IMG]
Can anyone recommend a MPG Pendant for Mach 4? I found these http://www.vistacnc.com/a04_purchase/purchase.htm wonder what are the thoughts on them.
20160228_162736.jpg 20160228_162817.jpg 20160228_162755.jpg Will post finished pics, but here are the hangers in the rough...
In this video I show a few examples of how you can program a 5 axis plasma cutter using BobCAD CAM V28 5 Axis Mill Standard
Anyone done a ATC for a spindle motor? I have a CNC Router and been looking at adding a ATC.
Just curious is anyone has installed and is using Mach4 on their CNC and how do you like it?
HSMExpress is a free CAM software package that fully integrates into Solidworks. Continue reading...